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        The school was the department of vocational education belonging to Kinmen High School. On August 1 , 1981 , it was permitted to be the school named "Fukien Provincial Kinmen Senior Vocational school." The school was given permission to belong to the Ministry of Education on July 1, 1984. It is the sole vocational school in this area . The aim of the school is to cultivate the students skills and morality to meet the needs of society in agricultural, aquatic, industrial, and commercial fields.
Here are ten courses grouped into four categories

1. Agriculture: Horticulture,Farm Management,Agricultural Home Ecomonics.
2. Aquatic: Technique of Fishery and Navigation,Aquatic Farming.
3. Industry: Repair of Electronic Equipment,Automobile Repair, Electrical Techniques,Mechanical Techniques.
4. Commerce: Business Affairs.

   The school covers 8.8478 hectares, and the experimental farm covers 11.0894 hectares. In addition to classrooms, threr are workshops, laboratories, dormitories, dining rooms, a library and an indoor swimming pool. There is also an athletic field. The equipment of each course is adequate for practice.
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      It is the duty of the school to cultivate the students who can be useful, and can serve the people living in this area by means of what they lewrned in school . Doing their best, they will make Kinmen the model for the building of the new China according to the Three Principles of the People. For these readons, the school emphasizes love of home as well as vocational morality. Its aim is to make every graduate become a polite, moral, patriotic, and responsible citizen.
中華民國台灣金門縣金湖鎮新市里復興路1-11號 TEL:00886-82333508                                 
No.1-11, Fuxing Rd., Jinhu Town Kinmen County 891, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
No.1-11, Fusing Rd., Jinhu Township Kinmen County 891, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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